designed this Page for you to find answers to questions you may have regarding our Free Conferencing Service.

No. We will send you an occasional email with information about the web site, the services being offered and changes that are made to the network. (Read our Terms of Use)

Yes. You may also use 10-10-### services to connect at favorable rates.

Anyone who can dial a US telephone number can dial a ConferenceTown access number.

Please see our tutorial video.

Reservationless conferences allow you to call any time you wish, without scheduling your conference through the website. Using your own planning tools, you can create a conference on-demand. When you register, you will receive a dedicated Dial-in Number and Conference ID. Just let your participants know the date, time, Dial-in Number and Conference ID. You can use your reservationless Dial-in number and unique conference ID again and again.

Your recording will be available for callers through a dedicated phone number (712-432-9901) and by then entering the appropriate conference ID. If you would like to playback or archive your recording, you can convert the recording to an MP3 file and store it digitally, or simply download and save it as a .WAV file.

Simply sign up for a free Premium account and you will be given a dedicated phone number, conference ID,moderator PIN, and complete instructions on how to utilize our services. To begin now, press the "Sign Up" link at the top of the every page.

There is no time limit on conference call recordings. The call will continue to be recorded until the last participant exits the call. The moderator has the option to start and stop the recording of the conference call as he or she wishes.

The recorded conference is kept for 60 days. If you would like it longer than that, you will need to save the recording to your hard drive or some other means of off-site storage.

The maximum is 2500. There is no required minimum number. For conferences greater than 2500 participants, please contact us.

The system allows you to store an unlimited number of conferences.

There is no specific limit on how many conferences you can schedule or when they can occur. Each conference is associated with a phone number to call and a unique conference ID. Our software makes sure each conference is unique and private.

Yes, you can dial 712-432-9901 and access the call by entering your conference ID. Keep in mind the call is only accessible if your conference moderator has allowed sharing.

No. is a free service.

No, this is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) conferencing service that utilizes your telephone.

All conferencing services, features and benefits are 100% FREE. Only normal long distance charges by each caller's carrier apply.

There is no catch! There are no advertisements to listen to, no quality issues, no hidden fees, no sales pitches, no contracts, no purchases required, no privacy problems, no limitations or restrictions, and no surprises.

Who We Are was developed to offer free premium conference calling to the corporate world as well as the casual conference call user. Our Free Premium conference service offers options and features that other sites charge for. Conference moderators have access to our full-featured moderator panel. offers a Free Instant Conference option, which allows you to start a conference instantly, without registering or signing up. uses only tier one carriers to ensure incredibly clear lines and voice quality.