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7 Best Phones to Use for Your Company Conference Calls

7 Best Phones to Use for Your Company Conference Calls

Conference calls can often be a pain. Sometimes the audio isn't great or the microphones aren't picking everybody up so you have to repeat yourselves all the time, it can be a mess.

We are all looking for ways to improve our conference calling experience.

Perhaps what your company needs to do is to invest in a new device. There have been some great advancements to conference calling in recent years that your team will enjoy.

We've put together this list of the top 7 conference room phones that your business should look into.

VTech VCS752 ErisStation

One of the more advanced conference phones on the market. Fully equipped with both Skype and Bluetooth integration, the VTech VCS752 ErisStation is a great option for the modern business.

The VTech provides clear two-way communication. Its speakers will cancel out any background noise that will interfere with your call. Both microphones have a long battery life, so as long as you charge it regularly, you should never have to worry about a dropped call due to a dead battery.

It has a large range too, so if you need to get up and walk around during your call, you will still be able to be heard clearly. However, if you want to walk further distances, you can use the provided Bluetooth headset that will give you a little more range and clearer sound.

The VTech is one of the best conference phones available and is definitely worth looking into.

Jabra Speak 710

The small, simple-looking Jabra Speak 710 packs quite a punch into its small body. It has a loud speaker that can fill the room with clear enough sound for everyone to hear. The Jabra also has a strong, omnidirectional microphone that will capture clear audio from everyone speaking in the room.

When synced to your phone, the speaker will also be fully compatible with most personal assistant AI (such as Google Assistant or Siri). But perhaps the Jabra's greatest strength is its battery life. This little speaker will last up to 25 hours, which is incredibly useful for most businesses.

Though it is quite small, it is very powerful. And actually its size provides a great convenience for traveling on business trips.

Plantronics Calisto

Another tiny device, the Calisto by Plantronics is a simple "back to basics" USB speakerphone that provides all the functions you need in a little package.

It has your basic calling features and has been fully optimized for Skype. This little conference phone is great for smaller calls.

Keep in mind, there is no Bluetooth connectivity, so will need to connect it to a computer. But if your company is looking for a simple, cheap device that gets the job done, the Calisto is a great option.

Yamaha PJP-2OUR

Another smaller, USB-connected device, the Yamaha PJP-2OUR is a simple, web-based device that is great for smaller conference calls and even Skype chats.

The PJP-2OUR is incredibly light and portable, and can be connected to any laptop through USB. Unfortunately, like the Calisto, it cannot connect to other devices via Bluetooth. But if you are in a smaller meeting and just looking for the basic features and great audio, this little Yamaha speaker is great for you.

Avaya B100 Series

The Avaya B100 Series conference call speakerphone is even more advanced than the VTech VCS752 ErisStation. If your company is looking to integrate more web-based applications into your conference calling, the B100 could be the device for you.

It comes complete with an HD digital touchscreen and crisp audio quality. The B100 is great for larger meetings and it even has a built-in conference guide to help your meetings go more smoothly!

It comes with 360-degree two-way audio and can connect up to five different locations. This is the ideal speakerphone for large conference calls.

Polycom RealPresence Trio

The Polycom RealPresence Trio is the most expensive option on our list. It will set you back over $1300, but we can assure you that the quality matches the price tag.

It comes with a large, 5-inch LCD touchscreen display which completes its chic, modern design. The RealPresence Trio doesn't just look pretty though, it has incredible 360-degree, long-range HD sound. These features will create a truly immersive conference call experience for your team.

Using the Trio is simple to use as well, with "one-step-to-join meeting integration."

This is another great option for larger teams that want a fully optimized and stylish device for their conference calls.

Grandstream GAC2500

Our next pick is another circular option, but much larger than the Jabra Speak 710. The Grandstream GAC2500 is a great device for those looking for modern digital features, but without the high price tags of other devices.

The GAC2500 is fully integrated and optimized for both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Those who are looking for more internet integration into their calls and presentations will love the features packed into its 4-inch touchscreen display.

It also comes with incredible HD sound quality. It has clear and crisp audio that makes it almost sound like you are in the same room with the people you're talking to.

Also, its design will not stand out in most offices, making this an incredibly versatile option worth considering by most companies.

What Conference Room Phones Do You Use?

We want to hear about your conference calling experiences! Do you use one of these seven conference room phones? If not, which devices do you have for conference calling in your workplace?

Feel free to contact us and let us know about your favorite devices or if you have any questions about conference calling services.


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