Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of our most asked question about our free conference calling service.

Do I need to reserve time for my conference call?

Reservationless conferences allow you to call any time you wish, without scheduling your conference through the website. Using your own planning tools, you can create a conference on-demand. When you register, you will receive a dedicated Dial-in Number and Conference ID. Just let your participants know the date, time, Dial-in Number and Conference ID. You can use your reservationless Dial-in number and unique conference ID again and again.

Are you going to sell my email information?

No. We will send you an occasional email with information about the web site, the services being offered and changes that are made to the network. (Read our Terms of Use)

Can international callers participate?

Anyone who can dial a US telephone number can dial a access number.

How can I access recorded conferences?

Your recording will be available for callers through a dedicated phone number (712-831-9313) and by then entering the appropriate conference ID. If you would like to playback or archive your recording, you can convert the recording to an MP3 file and store it digitally, or simply download and save it as a .WAV file.

How do I get a Free account?

It's super simple to get your very own free account! Click Here to Sign Up Free!

How long can conference call recordings be?

There is no time limit on conference call recordings. The call will continue to be recorded until the last participant exits the call. The moderator has the option to start and stop the recording of the conference call as he or she wishes.

How long is a recorded conference kept on the server?

The recorded conference is kept for 30 days. If you would like it longer than that, you will need to save the recording to your hard drive or some other means of off-site storage.

How many callers can be in a single conference?

There is no required minimum number of callers to hold a conference call. For best quality, the maximum is 5000 callers. However, if you need to hold a conference call for more than 5000 participants, we are able to provide you with an even more robust system. For conferences greater than 5000 participants, please contact us.

How many conferences can be stored for one conference ID?

The system allows you to store an unlimited number of conferences.

How many conferences can I set up?

There is no specific limit on how many conferences you can schedule or when they can occur. Each conference is associated with a phone number to call and a unique conference ID. Our software makes sure each conference is unique and private.

I missed the conference call, is there any way I can still access it?

Yes, you can dial 712-831-9313 and access the call by entering your conference ID. Keep in mind the call is only accessible if your conference moderator has allowed sharing.

Is this a "Free Trial" or limited time offer?

No. is a free service. You do not need to enter and financial information to create your free account. We don't sell anything on our site. All of our services are 100% free.

Is this a VoIP service or an Internet service using my computer?

No, this is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) conferencing service that utilizes your telephone.

What are the costs involved in a conference call?

All conferencing services, features and benefits are 100% FREE. Only normal long distance charges by each caller's carrier apply.

What's the catch?

There is no catch! There are no advertisements to listen to, no quality issues, no hidden fees, no sales pitches, no contracts, no purchases required, no privacy problems, no limitations or restrictions, and no surprises. Just 100% free conference calls!

Can I create a conference ID that starts with 0?

Technically, it's possible but a conference ID that starts with "0" will not be able to access/use some of the moderator panel options. Example: A conference ID that begins with "0" won't be able to use the "mute" function as well as other functions within the moderator panel.

How do I download or share a conference recording?

Once your recording is completed, you may view it by logging into the moderator panel and then going to "conference recordings".

From there, you have 3 basic options:

1. Download it as an MP3 File

Next to the conference you want to download as an MP3 click "Convert to MP3".

Once it is done converting, you will want to save it to your computer. To do so, you will right click on the word "download" then click "save target as". Then choose where on your computer you want to save it. A likely location would be your desktop. It will then be saved on your computer as an MP3 file.

Downloading to an MP3 is the most common method used, as it compresses the file into the most email-friendly format.

2. Download it as a WAVE File

Next to the conference you want to download, right click on the word "download" then click "save target as". Then choose where you want to save it. A likely location would be your desktop. It will then be saved on your computer as a .WAV file.

Important: to download as a .WAV file, you must do so BEFORE converting it to an MP3 File.

3. Share - Allow Others to Access it Via Telephone

This option allows you to let others call in via telephone to listen to a previously recorded conference call.

Next to the conference you want to "share", click "share". It will post a 4 digit number next to where it said "share".

That 4-digit number will be used to identify individual recordings under a single conference number.

To use this method, the callers will dial into the Conference Recording Playback Number, which is 712-831-9313.

They will be prompted to enter the Conference ID that they want to listen to. THEN, if there is more than one recording on that Conference ID, they will be prompted to enter that 4-digit number.

If your file is to large to email to your prospects, it is recommended that once you save the MP3 to your computer, that you then upload it to a site, then point your prospects to that site.

How do I record a conference from the moderator panel?

Click on "Conference Controls" (Upper left hand corner). Now look to the top middle portion of the screen. You will see headings such as "Conference ID", "Conference Begin", etc. Under the "Actions" heading, the red circle Image is the record button. With that you can start/stop recording.

How do I record a conference from a phone keypad?

You must be logged in a Moderator. Use "*3" (star, 3) to start and stop recording. For more details, please see our Pocket Guide.

Can I control the exit and entry tones?

Exit and Entry tones can be turned on and off by logging into your moderator panel, then choosing "Manage Conferences", and then scrolling down until you find your conference number, clicking "edit", then you may select the options you need.

If you are running larger conferences, you will probably want to have entry and exit tones turned off, but of course it is up to the moderator.

How do I make changes to my conference?

If you are in the middle of a conference call, and you make changes to your conference via the moderator panel, those changes will not take effect until your next call. So be sure to set your parameters before your conference begins. You can use the telephone keypad options while the conference is going. Here is a link to view our pocket guide.

Is there a way to exclude all callers who have blocked their caller ID?


  1. Select "ANI BLOCK" on the left side of the moderator panel.
  2. Then, find your conference ID number.
  3. Then where you enter the ANI that you want blocked, type "Anonymous" then click "ADD ANI" Then, again where you enter the ANI that you want blocked type "Private", then click ADD ANI"
That will block anything would come through as "Anonymous" or "Private"

Actually...To block PRIVATE or BLOCKED ani's just type in whatever word shows up in the number box on the current conference.

EXAMPLE: Unknown or Anonymous or Private can be typed into the box. Any word or number or combination that you are seeing show up in the moderator panel.

More information on blocking calls.

ANI BLOCK: You can block numbers from an entire area code. Example: type in 718 to block all calls coming from the 718 area code. You can take it a step further, and block the prefix as well. Let's use 436 as an example. You would now type 718436. That would block all numbers beginning with 718436. To block a series of numbers you must put in either a complete area code or complete area code and prefix.

To review...

TO BLOCK ALL number from 718:
You'd type "718" in the ani-block field. You then have the option of using ANI-ALLOW to allow some particular numbers from that area code. To do so, you'd go to the ani-allow section, and one by one enter the full 10 digit telephone numbers that you want to allow into your conference.

TO BLOCK ALL numbers from 718-436-xxxx:
You'd type 718436 in the ani-block field. You then have the option of using ANI-ALLOW to allow some particular numbers from that area code and prefix. To do so, you'd go to the ani-allow section, and one by one enter the full 10 digit telephone numbers that you want to allow into your conference.

TO BLOCK ALL NUMBERS (this will also require the use of ANI-ALLOW)
You'd leave the ani-block field BLANK.(this was not working earlier, but has been fixed as of 9-5-2008), By leaving the ANI-BLOCK field blank, it blocks ALL numbers from calling in. This is why you will also need to use the ANI-ALLOW feature.

ANI-ALLOW creates an EXCEPTION to whatever you created in the ANI-BLOCK fields.
So if only want a select few numbers to be allowed into your conference, you would go to >ANI-BLOCK< section, put in your conference ID, then leave the ANI-BLOCK field blank.'d go to the ANI-ALLOW field, and enter each 10 digit telephone number that you want to ALLOW into your conference. Do them one at a time.

What you CAN BLOCK:
  • Area codes.
  • Area codes and prefixes
  • PRIVATE numbers (type "private" in the ANI-BLOCK field)
  • ANONYMOUS numbers (type "anonymous" into the ANI-BLOCK field)
  • UNKNOWN numbers (type "unknown" into the ANI-BLOCK field)
***Basically, you just need to type in the ANI-BLOCK field, whatever word is showing up in the caller ID info area to block that type of call.

What you CAN'T BLOCK
You can't block portions of numbers that are not either complete area codes or complete area codes and prefixes.

Example: You can't block 718-4xx-xxxx. You'd need to do either just the full 3-digit area code or 6-digit area code/prefix combination. Of course, you can then use ani-allow to allow certain callers into your call, if needed. Remember, the ANI-ALLOW feature creates EXCEPTIONS to what you do with the ANI-BLOCK feature.

How long will free conference calling be offered?

Our free conference call service is just that FREE! There absolutely no charge for our conference call service. You can make as many free conference calls as you wish, and there is no limit as to how long each call can be.

What is the difference between the free conference calling options?

Instant Conference is free, and it takes about 2 seconds to get your conference ID.

Free Premium Conference is also free, it takes about 20-30 seconds to get your conference ID, but it ALSO gives you access to the free conference moderator panel. The moderator panel lets you take advantage of everything that has to offer, such as the recording feature, seeing who is on the call, etc.

Since the Free Premium Conference gives you the free moderator panel, it is generally perceived as the better of the two options.

Can I create my own conference ID number and still get free conference calls?

Yes. Once you login to the moderator panel, just go to "Manage Conferences". From there, you can create a custom conference conference ID, with whatever options and modes will best fit the needs of your conference call.

Is there a limit to the number of free conference calls I can make?

You can make as many conference calls as you wish. There is no charge for our service. It is a 100% free conference calling service.

How can free conference calling help with my downline?

Here are some of the more popular features:

  • Kicking unwanted callers from the call
  • Free recording, downloading, conversion to MP3, etc
  • Caller ID name and number of those in your conference
  • You can control the speech volume of individual caller, or even completely mute callers
  • Block certain callers from calling into your conference call, or ONLY ALLOW CERTAIN CALLERS into your conference call.
  • You can actually see which person is talking in your conference (there is an icon beside their name/number, showing you that they are talking)

Can someone Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward a recording while they are listening to it?

Yes. While the recording is playing, you can simply press the follow buttons on a telephone keypad, and get the corresponding result.

1 - Pause/Unpause
2 - Go back to beginning
4 - Go back 10 Seconds
5 - Disconnect
6 - Go forward 10 Seconds

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