Free Conference Calling for Groups

Lots of different groups use to stay connected.


Keep In Touch With Your Congregation and Church Groups

For churches, staying connected is one of the most important goals of the community. From board meetings to prayer meetings, our free conference call services will benefit your entire congregation. Eliminate hassle and save time and money with

Not every member of your church will be able to attend weekly services. Limited mobility, inclement weather, family or personal business, or any number of reasons might keep a faithful parishioner away on a given Sunday. But this doesn’t have to be a barrier to them experiencing the message and feeling like part of the community.

Simply provide your congregants with the conference ID and phone number and begin your conference call at the beginning of each service. Those unable to attend will be able to listen in and experience the power and joy of your service. And because it’s so easy to use and always free, you’ll be able to steadily increase your outreach and grow your mission over time. Geography, poor health, or lack of transportation are no longer obstacles for people being able to actively participate in your church community.

With the wide array of features available to you on, you can extend your church beyond its walls.  The unlimited callers feature allows you to broadcast your services to everyone interested in hearing them. And because there’s no time restriction, everyone can enjoy the full service even if there are special events or a longer than expected runtime. Each parishioner who joins in will experience crystal clear service thanks to our HD quality audio. And if you want to make your services or lessons available later, our free call recording feature makes that process a breeze.

The benefits of using go beyond listening to Sunday service by conference call. Every facet of your church’s operations can be run more smoothly and efficiently with the features available to you. Consider these other great uses of our technology:

  • Trustee or board meetings. Conduct business remotely, keep a log of attendees, and record minutes for future use.
  • Announcements. Keep the congregation informed on what’s going on with a regularly scheduled announcements call. Presentation mode makes it easy for a main speaker to talk regardless of how many people join in or when they connect.
  • Planning meetings. Prepare for special events on the church calendar by gathering interested congregants. It’s easier to be productive when you don’t have to take time to gather everyone together in the same physical space.
  • Prayer groups. Connect with other members and share prayer requests. Whether it’s a group gathered for a special need or a regular weekly meeting, it’s never been easier to maintain a prayer group. You can even establish a dedicated 24-hour prayer line.
  • Bible studies. Teach lessons, answer questions, and engage in powerful discussion. Record each session so church members can listen and learn when it’s convenient for them. The intuitive web interface allows you to share real time information and take your bible studies and devotions to another level.
  • Weddings, memorial services, and special events. Give everyone in your congregation an opportunity to be included in all the events happening at your church.

Whether you connect on a landline or on your smartphone, you’ll experience the same amazing quality every time you use our services. It’s always free. There are no gimmicks. And we’ll never interfere with your church business by interjecting ads or commercials into your experience.

Enjoy free premium service today and see all the ways it can help your church grow its mission. Have questions? Contact us to learn more.

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