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Support Groups

Connect With Your Sponsor and Group Whenever, Wherever

The backbone of any support group is being able to provide support for its members when they need it most. It’s right there in the name. There are many reasons why one or more members may not be able to make a regular meeting. It’s still important for them to be able to access their group and benefit from the caring community you’ve built. With the premium features available to you for free through it’s never been easier for support groups to do just that.

Is membership in your group growing? With an unlimited number of participants  able to join in our conference calls, we can accommodate your growth and provide incredible service to everyone in your group. Each caller will experience HD quality audio whether they join a meeting using their cellphone or a landline.

Do you need to know who is participating in group sessions? Our detailed call logs help you intuitively track this information and more. Keep a record of all participants, call histories, and conference length. Making sure that the people who need it most are getting the support they need is simpler than ever.

Want to invite a guest to present to the group or teach a lesson that’s relevant to everyone? Presentation mode will assure that the main speaker is not interrupted by other callers or distracted by the traffic of people arriving late or leaving early. You can also record these sessions and make them available for future listening. Catch new members up to speed or allow regulars who were unable to attend to benefit from the call when they have a free moment.

Regardless of the nature of your support group, can provide the highest quality service for your conference call needs. And while other companies charge a lot of money for “VIP” features like call recording and personalized greetings, we continue to offer these and a much wider array of features for a price you can’t beat – free!

Our services are ideal for:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse support groups
  • Book clubs
  • Medical support groups and physical therapy follow-ups
  • Self-help seminars
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Online classes
  • Study groups

Simply provide everyone in the group with the conference ID and phone number and, in no time, they’ll be experiencing the highest quality conference call possible. Even when you can’t be in the same room with the people in your support network, it can sound like you are. Disability, location, or lack of transportation don’t have to keep you from the people in your support group.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with the people who mean the most to you. Our premium conference call features do just that! Sign up for a free account today and get started today. Have a question? Feel free to contact us. We love hearing from you.

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