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8 Features to Expect from the Best Conference Call Services

8 Features to Expect from the Best Conference Call Services

Companies that utilize conference calls have found up to a 30% reduction in travel costs.

Would you be interested in saving money while still being able to meet face to face with clients or other employees? This is the beauty of conference calls.

However, not all conference call services are created equal. It's imperative that you find one with the features you need.

And we've compiled the 8 features you should expect from the best conference call services so you know exactly what to look for.

Read on to learn more!

1. HD Conference Quality

When it comes to conference calls, one of the most important features is the sound quality. Since you aren't meeting in person, you have to be able to hear what they're saying. And if your conference call provider is cutting out or not working properly, that is a problem.

That's why you should look for a provider with HD conference quality. This ensures that you are always on a digital line.

This way, you'll always be able to understand and differentiate between the various voices on the other line and never miss a single word. Talk about better communication and improved results!

2. Free Call Recording

Conference calls usually cover a lot of information. You don't want to spend the entire call trying to take exact notes of everything being said.

That's where call recording comes in handy. This feature is definitely something you should expect for free from the best conference call services.

How come? With free call recording, you can playback your call anytime you want. You can even download it to your computer so you can access it offline.

Do you do trainings with your team? Think about how useful it would be for your staff to be able to listen to a section of your call at a later meeting. This will give them a completely authentic version of what was said.

Another benefit of call recordings is that these files can be shared with co-workers or management team members who were unable to make the meeting. This way, they can listen to them at a later date and get back up to speed with the most up to date company details.

3. Zero Time Restrictions

Some conference call providers limit the number of minutes you can use. Imagine being on a call and your time runs out. How incredibly frustrating!

The best conference call services, however, don't have any time restrictions. This means that you can host a call for as long as you want and invite an unlimited number of participants.

Another benefit is that you won't be worried about your call going long. If people have a lot of relevant questions or you want to make another point, that's totally fine!

Say goodbye to stressing about time limits.

4. No Need for Reservations

With some call providers, you have to make a line reservation in advance. This works for some companies, but the reality is that you should be able to host a conference call whenever you want.

When choosing a conference call service, make sure they don't require reservations. Instead, find one that provides you with a dedicated line that you can use every time you have a call.

This will also save you time and make your business more efficient because you will always know the number your participants need to call in.

Have a last minute idea and need to host a call instantly? With a dedicated line, this is 100% possible as well!

5. The Best Conference Call Services are Mobile Friendly

Are you away from your desk and on the go? That shouldn't mean you can't be a part of a conference call. Look for a company that offers mobile-friendly services.

In fact, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, so it's likely that most of your team would appreciate a mobile-friendly call provider.

This way, you can use your smartphone to hop on the call. Some providers even allow you to start a call and invite other users right from your phone.

This comes in handy especially when you're out of the office. Whether you're in town at home or on a beach vacation, a mobile-friendly platform means you can still be a part of the action while on the go!

6. Presentation Mode Included

Another key feature you should look for is a presentation mode. This is imperative for conference call hosts.

What is it exactly? Presentation mode allows you to mute every caller except for the main presenter. This lets everyone listen in without giving them the ability to speak to other people on the call. The biggest reason this is helpful is because it cuts out unnecessary chatter between participants.

This is also a great way to get rid of distracting background noise. When you're presenting, you want everyone to be focused on your message. This tool will make it so you don't hear everyone else's breathing or movements.

If you're looking to have more control over your call, presentation mode is a must.

7. Caller ID

It's super helpful to know who's on your call. That way it can be better organized and you can know exactly who's speaking when.

Find a provider that allows you to see every caller's telephone number and then assign them a name or ID. This will help you refer to people correctly, making sure you don't offend someone by calling them by the wrong name.

8. Q&A Feature

You don't always want your participants muted. Sometimes, you're looking for interaction through a question and answer portion.

A professional Q&A feature will allow callers to ask their questions in an organized manner. Many programs offer a raise your hand tool that participants can click.

They then enter a queue in the order they raised their hand. The host can then unmute that specific caller, one at a time, to hear their question and then answer it.

This is the perfect way to engage with your listeners!

Final Thoughts

Now that you've gone through these 8 features you should expect from the best conference call services, it's time to pick one.

Check out our state of the art conference call services. And if you're interested, sign up for free today!


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