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8 features you need for better conference calls

8 features you need for better conference calls

Some of the most widely used, user-friendly conference call services can be used at absolutely no cost. However, not all free conference call services are created equal. Choose the wrong free service and you could be left considering whether you should have used a paid service.

Of course, that would be a mistake. Finding the best free conference call tools comes down to knowing what to look for in feature lists.

So, if your search for the best service has just begun, or you are on the lookout for something even better than what you currently use, let’s walk through what features make for better, more enjoyable conference call experiences.

1. No time limits

Nobody wants to risk a productive conversation that could lead to great results ending just because there is an unnecessary time limit placed on a conference call.

Sure, it may be best not to let a conference call become a conversation marathon, but what about those meetings that serve as much-needed workshops and valuable brainstorming sessions? Let the conversation flow without worrying about needing to interrupt and wrap up a productive meeting that could lead to game-changing progress for you and your team.

2. No caller limits

Some conference call services will place a cap on the number of people who can participate. This could lead to some who may provide or receive value from being on the call being left out - either unintentionally or by necessity.

Having a conference call that does not limit how many people can join the call - or places a very high maximum amount - can be invaluable. It can save call hosts the hassle of making sure everyone who wants to be on the call can participate.

3. Free call recording

Some free conference call services offer certain features, such as call recording, as a paid service. However, that’s not a feature that you should have to pay a premium to access.

Find a service that allows you to record and playback your conference call anytime. In addition to free recording, look for a service that makes the recording available to download. That way, you can save the call and share it with others - and it will be available for as long as you need it.

4. Easy-to-use web interface

Don’t go through the hassle of attempting to use a conference call service that does not include a full, easy-to-use web interface. Without an interface, the curve for learning how to use the service is simply too steep.

A good web interface where other features can be accessed will not only make the conference call more enjoyable for moderators, but also for your participants. This makes meetings much more productive and efficient.

5. Question and answer feature

When you want to keep a conversation rolling without interruption, your conference call needs to have a feature that allows for questions and answers to flow smoothly without stopping the flow of the meeting. That’s why you should always look for a conference call service that includes some sort of question and answer tool that creates a smoother experience.

For example, with Conference Town’s Question & Answer tool, callers who “raise their hands” are entered into a queue in the order they raised their hands. The moderator can then see this list and unmute a specific caller, allowing them to select - or effectively “call on” - participants and allow them to ask their questions.

This creates a conference call experience that is far more organized and productive than a free-for-all where everyone on the call can talk at once, something nobody following proper conference call etiquette wants to hear.

6. Mobile-friendly

Today’s business person is on the move more than ever. One day, they are working from the office, the next they are working from home and then the next they could be working somewhere completely different, such as a coffee shop or coworking space.

To meet the needs of a mobile workforce, the conference call service you select for your team needs to be just as mobile friendly as your team is agile. Your team needs to be able to access and join the conference call with any smartphone or tablet.

As the call manager, you also should be able to organize and run the conference call using those same devices.

7. Excellent call audio quality

This should go without saying, but any conference call service that does not offer HD audio quality and other sound enhancements shouldn’t even be in the conferencing business. What is being said is the most important part of any conference call - so everyone on the call should be able to hear the discussion without any issue.

Be sure to pick a service provider that offers HD conference quality audio. This will lead to better speech clarity. Also be on the lookout for a service that features echo cancelation, which can remove the annoying echo that can sometimes be heard for various reasons when speaking over the phone.

8. Instant conferences

Many conference calls need to happen quickly with very little notice in advance. An excellent provider will offer the ability to pick up the phone and begin a conference call instantly without requiring registration.

In some cases, an instant conference may be more simplified with fewer features, but the point is to have a quick conversation or make a very important decision with everyone at the table, so to speak.

Don’t pay for a conference call service

Not all great conference call services will cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, some of the best services are free. But “free” does not have to mean “featureless” - quite the opposite, in fact.

When choosing a conference call service, don’t just settle for free, expect the best. Conference Town has all of the features we’ve gone through in this post - and then some.

Sign up for free today and find out why Conference Town is a favorite for many who are seeking a free conference call service. Get all of the features, none of the cost for your team’s next call.


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