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How a Conference Call Service Can Save Your Business Time

How a Conference Call Service Can Save Your Business Time

Do you still deal with traditional in-person conference meetings?

Are these meetings consuming your business' time and money? You can save your resources seven-fold by switching to a conference call service.

A recent study shows that an audio-based conference costs seven times less than an in-person meeting. People also save three times the amount of time when they use a conference call service instead of meeting up in person.

How does this all work? How much does it cost?

The biggest factor to consider is that you no longer have to travel to a specified meeting place.

Eliminate Travel Costs

The average amount of money spent on in-person meetings is $5,197.50. This includes the costs for people to prepare, travel, and book an accommodation. There are still the fees for the meeting and other miscellaneous expenses.  Expenses go higher when you have to deal with temporary accommodations, taxi fees, and the things you buy when traveling. These can include extra clothes, suitcases, and toothbrushes.

You eliminate all these costs by getting rid of the need to travel. With a conference call service, all the important members can participate in the comfort of their own office, regardless of their location.

The only costs you have to deal with are your call expenses. For people within the United States, this is minimal. It can get a little higher for people who pay international calling charges but this is still cheaper than taking international flights.

No More Accommodation Fees

Accommodation expenses continue to rise each year. It's been on a steady rise for the past six years. In 2017, hotel room rates spiked to $130.85.

While some alternatives, like Airbnb, are getting popular, they still cost more than you'd expect. There's also the hassle of booking an accommodation and dealing with poor services.

This becomes an even bigger expense for international participants. They need to spend for their hotel rooms and living expenses during their stay in the country. With a call service, they can stay at home and continue with their day-to-day routine, stopping only to join the call conference.

Using a conference call service gets rid of all these problems. Conference members don't even need to leave their offices or homes. It's as simple as getting on the service website and dialing the conference number to join the meeting.

No Need to Rent Big Conference Rooms

Booking an accommodation isn't the only place you need to add to your expenses. If you're organizing a small conference meeting, you will need to take into consideration the costs of a conference room. For a large meeting, like one involving an audience, you might have to rent a big audience hall.

Renting these spaces involves more than only the rental fees. You also need to rent the tables and chairs. If you'll present slideshows or more, you will also need to spend for a projector, a microphone, and a full audio system with speakers.

A conference call service eliminates those costs in an instant. Signing up is free and only conference moderators need to register. Everyone else, like participants and spectators, only need the link to the conference and the number to call.

Do you want a large audience spectating the conference but you don't want their interference? You can do so with the right call service. You'll have the option to let other people listen in to the call but you can mute them so they don't cut in.

Save a Lot of Time

According to the study, an in-person meeting with five people demands almost 54 hours of preparation and travel time. You can save three times the amount of time by eliminating travel altogether.

With a conference call service, you don't waste precious time on traveling and booking an accommodation. You don't need to deal with flight delays or canceled meetings. You can book a conference and get on the phone when it starts, regardless of where you are.

This also opens up better schedules for international meetings. When you try to involve people from all over the globe, you need to schedule a conference that lets everyone get on the same page. It's a messy and complicated process.

Some people might not participate in the conference because of the time and effort needed. If you're launching a conference in New York but need some businessmen from Japan, it'll be a massive inconvenience for them.

You eliminate this inconvenience when you switch to a conference call. They no longer waste time flying to the United States and can schedule the meeting according to your client's preference.

Say Good-Bye to Miscellaneous Conference Fees

Have you ever tried hiring a secretary to take down notes at a meeting?

Not only is this an expensive service but it can also go wrong in many different ways. The seconds could be wrong or some details might get left out. The worst part is that you're paying that person by the hour and this expense piles up.

A call service gives you recording tools and more without charging a thing. The conference moderator has all the tools needed to record the conference call, mute and enable callers, and more.

This makes managing conference a breeze. It's also a lot less expensive than a traditional, in-person meeting. Why push forward with expensive conferences when you can host a majority of them through call services?

Start Your Conference Call Service Today

Why go through the hassle of an in-person meeting when you can get the best conference call service right now? It's free to sign up and you can get a conference going in minutes. Participants only need the link and number to join in.

Don't know how it works or the other options you get with this service? Our lines are always open so feel free to contact us for further inquiries.

We want to help resolve your conference problems. Through our conference call service, you no longer need to deal with factors that waste your time and money. Don't wait and get started now.


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