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How Conference Calls Can Turn Network Marketing Teams Into Rockstars

How Conference Calls Can Turn Network Marketing Teams Into Rockstars

Successful network marketing sales representatives know great communication is one of the most significant keys to hitting their goals and seeing their business grow.

Representatives' communication needs vary, though. Sometimes, they're communicating with prospective customers. Other times, they're talking to teams of other representatives.

Either way, communication is vital to network marketing - and conference calls offer the perfect solution.

The right conference call service can transform network marketing representatives into sales rockstars.

Network marketing is a popular side job

Network marketing can be an excellent source of income. It's ideal for people who want some income on the side, need part-time hours and want flexibility in when those hours are set.

In most cases, network marketing businesses encourage sales representatives to recruit others to sell the business's products, too. The recruiter typically gets perks and benefits when those signed up underneath them make sales.

That sales setup is one reason why network marketing is so popular. Another is that it requires very little in way of upfront investment. Since most involved in these types of businesses look at it as a side hustle or part-time job, this is very attractive.

Network marketing sales representatives also need to have at their disposal quality tools that provide business solutions at little to no cost.

Quality, affordable business solutions are a must

Once they're on the ground running, though, network marketing representatives need business solutions that still make financial sense. They're looking for affordable or even free, but don't want to sacrifice quality - and shouldn't have to.

With many solutions, network marketing representatives don't need to sacrifice quality, either. That includes conference call services for communicating with their teams.

What makes a good conference call service

When it comes to conference calls, there are many free services to choose from. However, to be the best solution for network marketing, they need to come with the right features for teams to succeed.

Here's what to look for.

Tools for team education

This is perhaps one of the most important feature sets to look for when it comes to network marketing businesses.

Sales representatives and their teams need features that allow for frictionless training experiences and easy-to-reference material that doesn't disappear when the call ends.

That's why call recording is a must-have for any conference call solution.

If someone was absent and unable to join the call live, then they can still listen to the call later and not feel left out of the loop. Additionally, someone who was on the call but wants to re-listen to a certain portion can do so. A service that goes the extra mile for teams will even allow listeners to download the calls.

No call limitations or needless participation barriers

Don't select any conference call service that places unnecessary limitations on calls or ask participants to jump through too many hoops in order just to get on the call.

Top-notch conference call solutions will have little to no time restrictions. The best service providers know communication is important and give you the space and time allotment needed to operate a business and lead a team.

Growth also needs to be a serious consideration with conference calls. Go with a service provider that has no or very high caller limits. That way, conference call participant lists can grow with the network marketing business.

That's part of what makes network marketing work in the first place. More sales representatives are recruited, so teams are constantly growing, and those growing teams sell to an ever-growing list of customers.

So, whether the call is for teams, customers or both, make sure the conference call provider is ready to get everyone on the same call.

Ability to call when and where you need to

Network marketing businesses work from anywhere. That's just one other aspect that makes them so popular. Customers can be located anywhere in the world - and so can each sales representative that makes up a team. Make sure to select a provider that serves users who may be on the go or separated by long distances.

The simplest way to do this is to select a service that offers mobile device-friendly features. As a call organizer, having a mobile-friendly option for setting up and hosting conference calls means absolutely nobody has to be tied down to a specific location in order to make the call happen.

The best conference call services will work for anyone, from anywhere.

Opportunities to build your brand

Any service that allows you to take more control and build your brand offers an instant boost for network marketing sales representatives.

When it comes to conference call services, the best ones will offer call organizers ways to improve the experience of their participants while stressing the organizers' own brands. Often, this looks like a branded website that includes logos, photos and company brand colors.

It's a great marketing technique and makes the organizer look even more professional because participants are sent to a conference website that has a consistent, customized appearance throughout.

This is an effective sales tool that creates a lasting impact due to the fact that the sales representatives' potential customers aren't headed to a more generic conference call service website. Customers appreciate and remember a positive, professional first impression.

Network marketing teams love

Teams from businesses across the network marketing spectrum turn to for their training, communicating and team-building solutions. is used by representatives of Avon, Beachbody, Herbalife, LulaRoe, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and Scentsy - just to name a few.

If you're ready to improve your team's communications, sign up for free today to get started with free features provides high-quality audio conferencing for free - and our service is packed with free features.

Whether your team is large or small, you'll have instant access to:

  • Instant calls - no need to pre-schedule
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  • No caller limits, time restrictions or reservations
  • Full web interface
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  • And so much more!

Give a try today and see why we're already a network marketing favorite.

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