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How Conference Solutions Can Grow Your Network Marketing Business

How Conference Solutions Can Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Are you trying to grow your network marketing business?

Signing up new consultants, distributors and members is exciting when building your team. But when people live in different locations and have varying schedules, how do you keep your team motivated? How do you hold meetings, trainings, and coaching sessions to help everyone build their business?

Conference solutions.

Holding regular conference callswith your team is one of the best ways to build your business and theirs. Here's how you can use conference solutions to reach your network marketing goals.

The 3 Types of Conference Calls for Network Marketing

There are a few different ways to use conference calls when building your network marketing business. As a team leader, get familiar with the 3 types of calls for conference solutions and how to use them.

1. Presentation

Use the presentation phone call when you're explaining your product or the business to a prospect. Conference solutions are a valuable tool for those who want to hear about your business but are unable to attend a meeting in person.

With conference solutions, you can have several prospects on the line at once. This saves you time out of your business from presenting the product or opportunity to people individually.

Treat a conference call just the same as if you were doing an in-person presentation. Include an introduction of yourself and the company, explain the products or services, and include testimonials and success stories. Close with a call to action.

2. Training New Team Members

When you sign on a new distributor, a conference call is a great way teach them the basics of the business. They can also hop on presentation calls to hear how you would tell a new prospect about the products.

3. Leadership Training

Once you've established your most committed team members, use regular conference calls to coach them to success.

This technology can help you connect with your team no matter where they're at, so you can lift them up in a moment's notice. Conference calls are also a great way to teach monthly lessons on scaling their businessand getting great results.

How to Use Conference Solutions Effectively

While conference calls are a great way to build your network marketing business, it's important to do them correctly. Keep the following guidelines in mind to use conference solutions effectively and see great results.

Ensure Attendance

If you're holding a presentation phone call with prospects, remind them of the time they need to call in. Confirm the date and time that works best for everyone, but don't assume that initial confirmation is enough. People are busy, and your business is likely not as high of a priority to them as it is to you.

Remind them (without being a nag) with a simple text or phone call the night before your set time.

Prepare Ahead of Time

If you have people giving up their time to attend your conference call, you better come prepared. Set an agenda for your call, and stick to it. Know what you're going to say ahead of time and be prepared to answer questions.

Don't try to just wing something. Your conference call reflects your business and the company you represent. Bring a level of professionalism to it by preparing in advance.

Review your materials thoroughly and practice what you're going to say. You may even want to use a tape recorder so you can actually hear how your presentation or training comes across. Keep an outline or notes to use as a guide for your call as well.

You want to get your point across early on in the call. To do this, it's important to focus your call on one topic versus trying to cram in several different aspects of the product or running the business.

Focus on the Audience

Leading a conference call can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn't have to be. Instead of focusing so much on how you're coming across, turn your attention to the rest of the people on the call. Keep them in mind as you speak.

The point of conference solutions for network marketing is to share the features of your product with those who can benefit from them. Let that mission drive your presentation. Don't worry about sounding stupid - just worry about getting your point across and getting your message heard by the right people.

Invite a Guest Speaker

For training conference calls with your team, keep things fresh by adding a new voice to the call. Every once in a while, invite a guest speaker to lead your team's discussion. Choose someone higher up in the company or a relevant and well-known person in the industry.

Mixing up the voices on the call will keep your attendance high. Your team members will look forward to hearing from different people. Give them the opportunity to ask questions to these guests as well.

Increase Engagement

Open your conference call with an icebreaker so everyone can get familiar with the other voices on the phone. Simply ask a question before taking roll call, and have each person provide their answer when their name is called. Choose a fun topic that allows everyone to relax, such as what everyone did over the weekend or what they had for lunch.

Make sure people know whether they're encouraged to comment or ask questions. As the speaker, you should have a list of all the participants in the meeting in front of you. Especially in training calls, you can make a point to call on people who haven't participated much.

When you do want to open up the floor for discussion, get it started by making the first suggestion. Let people know where you're headed by taking the lead, and open discussion will surely follow.

Connect Better with Conference Solutions

Network marketing is such a viable business because you have the natural ability to connect with people and share your product. Conference calls can take your business to the next level by saving you time and allowing you to connect with prospects, team members and your upline easier.

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