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How Do Conference Calls Work to Save Your Business Time?

How Do Conference Calls Work to Save Your Business Time?

As an employer or manager, you know just how much time is wasted at work.

And sometimes, you feel like you can't do much to stop it.

But how do conference calls work when it comes to saving you time and helping to make sure that everyone has a say?

That's what this post is all about.

When you're ready to spend less time scheduling calls and more time actually exchanging ideas and assigning responsibility, keep on reading this post.

We'll also offer you invaluable call tips that you can use to keep everyone on your team feeling like their ideas have been heard.

1. You Can Avoid Endless Email Chains

It can take anywhere from half an hour to days to successfully schedule a business meeting with just a few people.

Think about what else you could be doing in that time.

You could be reaching out to leads, meeting clients for lunch to give them a new sales pitch, or even just working on ironing out the kinks within your office.

Plus, we can guarantee that no one in your office enjoys wasting their time accepting new scheduling requests, only to have them deleted or moved around once someone else's schedule shifts.

One of the most important conference call tips is to look for a phone system that comes with its own scheduling system.

Also, look for an option that allows you to start a conference call instantly, so you won't have to spend what can feel like hours pre-scheduling.

2. You'll Save Money on Travel

Let's face it.

Meetings -- especially meetings that include your representatives or clients from overseas -- can get expensive quickly.

Not only does it take quite some time to schedule a meeting with lots of people. It also costs you serious time and money to book flights, hotel rooms, and even pay for things like food and transportation.

Plus, even after you've spent all of that cash on getting the right people in the room?

There's still no guarantee that they'll actually end up doing business with you.

This is where understanding how do conference calls work can save you time and help you to stick to your bottom line.

You can get the most out of every call by making use of the presentation mode in your conference, which will mute everyone else and let the most important voices be heard.

You can even record your conference calls, which will eliminate the need for you to spend time filling someone else in on what was discussed during the meeting. Instead, they can simply listen to the recordings on their own schedule.

Look for software that makes clear calling a serious priority.

For example, our calling system uses what's known as echo cancellation to ensure that even international callers can be heard with ease. We also work to make sure you have HD conference quality, so you won't have to deal with irritating issues like static.

3. Everyone's Voice Will Be Heard

Another huge time-waster that can also impact how your employees perceive management?

Making sure that everyone's voice is heard.

While it's important to allow everyone their input on things like client relations, payment/billing software, and even new company policies?

If you have to do it over email, or need to meet with every person separately, it can take a while to get everything done. But if you don't include employees, you run the risk of alienating them -- which will certainly impact their productivity levels and their sense of company loyalty.

When you can get everyone in the room at the same time, you'll not only get a better diversity of opinion, you'll also save yourself from having to schedule more meetings.

Plus, your team members can get feedback on their ideas in the moment, instead of having to wait several days for an email response.

When you're looking for a conference calling system, make sure that you look for an option that doesn't have any kind of time limits. Also, ensure that your system doesn't put a limit on the number of callers that you can include in your call!

4. Accountability Will Increase Production Levels

Finally, once you've mastered how to do a conference call, you'll be surprised to see by just how much your office's overall productivity levels have increased.

This is because the call assigns everyone a specific responsibility according to their strengths, and ensures that everyone is aware of the expectations that their coworkers and management holds.

This certainly helps to increase accountability, which means that not only will the work be done quickly, it will also be completed with fewer errors.

Conference calls reinforce the idea that your employees are all members of the same team, working towards the same goal. If one person doesn't meet expectations, then they'll know that they'll hold up everyone else.

How Do Conference Calls Work? Wrapping Up

We hope that this post has helped you to answer the all-important question, "How do conference calls work to save you time?"

Of course, the kind of phone system that you choose to work with is what really makes the difference!

Our phone conferencing system not only has an easy-to-use interface. It also comes with superior scheduling and calling features that will make sure that everyone' voice is heard.

Looking for more information on how to make a conference call the right way?

Be sure that you keep on checking back with our blogs for more call tips that will help to save you time and increase your productivity levels and sense of teamwork.

We can't wait to help you to get more out of every phone call -- and strengthen your relationships with your clients in the process.


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