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How to Choose the Best Conference Call Service

How to Choose the Best Conference Call Service

You always give your clients your undivided attention. But what happens if something goes wrong during that all-important call? If you don't have the best conference call service, you're putting your business at risk.

Your technology should never get in the way of progress. It should never jeopardize a client relationship either. But too many companies ignore their conference call problems.

Most conference calls are short but essential. If you have to reschedule, opportunities can fade. You could delay or jeopardize the work of your team as well.

Don't make your conference call service an afterthought. Take some time to seek out the best conference call service for you. It will be time well spent for a permanent solution.

How Do I Find the Best Conference Call Service for My Business?

In today's business, face-to-face meetings are rarely possible. Your colleagues, partners, and customers expect the next best thing. They expect to connect with anyone from anywhere, without any friction.

But companies tend to settle on mediocre conference call solutions. If a company doesn't use it very often, it's problems are soon out of mind. Many decision makers rely on staff to set up their calls and go unaware.

Worst of all, many think all conference call solutions are the same. In 2018, conference call technology is more transformative than ever. As business becomes mobile, professionals expect all forms of communication to be mobile as well.

Worried about cost? The truth will surprise you. Some of the best solutions on the market are cheap or even free.

Your biggest conference call challenge is no longer dropped calls in the boardroom. It's finding the best conference call service for your personnel and your business.

5 Features to Look for in the Best Conference Call Service

You have unique needs for your business, and you need technology that supports them. But it's hard to know whether solutions will work for you in the long run.

You can identify the qualities of the best conference call service for your business. Look for the following five features before your next investment. You'll never have to worry about your conference call solution again.

1. Cost-Effective Services

In today's market, the best conference call technology needn't be expensive. Even great technical and customer support can be cheap. Research the market before you over-invest, even if it's a great solution.

For example, many services will provide decent call service at no charge. You'll settle in and realize you need more services. They'll charge you for features you can get elsewhere for free.

In fact, many of the best services offer premium services for free. Their revenue is associated with phone line usage, not users themselves. So you don't have to miss out on great quality, even without cost.

2. Intuitive Setup and Operation

Many don't think of their conference call pitfalls until right before a call. That can include byzantine instructions for connecting. It can include codes and passwords that may have gone missing.

If you're supposed to be leading a presentation, don't show up late saying you forgot your own password. There are lots of reason for being late. Your conference call technology should never be one of them.

Many service providers need to give you only one number to dial. Many will recognize your personal phone number as well. Or they make sharing call-in information easy for the host.

Setting up your conference calls and entire system should be easy as well. Many services use online capabilities or the cloud to support callers. Your team can access these applications without installing hardware or even downloading software.

3. Call Flexibility

The best conference call service providers aren't using phone lines. They're using digital call in solutions to provide greater flexibility. That's because digital solutions can support hundreds or even thousands of callers.

For example, many companies host webinars--seminars that guests visit via phone. This is a core part of many companies' business. They can't afford technical errors, whether there are seven callers or 700.

Perhaps you've been frustrated when someone is hogging one of the company conference lines. Perhaps you have a schedule to keep meetings from overlapping. Does that make sense in the digital age?

The best conference call service providers give each employee their own conference line. They should always be able to do an impromptu meeting. They should be able to schedule their own client or partner meeting as well.

And how is your conference solution for international callers? The best solutions provide unique international numbers for each conference environment. Nothing should hold you back from moving the business forward.

4. Tier-One Carrier Service

Do you know if your conference call service provider is using a tier-1 carrier? Your current solution's settlement costs could be adding to your price tag.

Companies using a tier-one carrier can serve their coverage area free of charge. Consider that when you schedule your next international call.

5. The Business Features You Want

Perhaps you found several different services that meet the above criteria. That's a great start. But you can do better.

What are your unique needs when you connect with important clients? How do you prefer to present your ideas to your team? If you don't find those solutions now, you will have to find it in piecemeal later.

The most exciting part of modern conference call technology is that new business features they provide. When all of your meetings are centralized in a digital space, you can get a lot of value from the engagement. Here are some examples:

Presentation mode allows presenters to share their screens for everyone to view through their browsers. Presenters can send a personalized link ahead of time so everyone can log in. Some services provide collaborative features as well.

Auto Record is a logical solution that turns on automatically when a meeting begins. When the meeting is done, the service provider automatically emails you the recording. You'll capture the valuable parts and never forget what happened in a meeting again.

Q&A allows callers to submit questions through an online portal. This is handy for a big meeting or webinar if you don't want a lot of chatter.

Team Chatallows you to instant message with your colleagues in private even while presenting something to a large group of callers. Your teammates can give you suggestions while you speak and vice versa. This is a handy tool during webinars.

Choose the Best Conference Call Service on the Market

Remember, you don't need to break the bank to find the best conference solution. You don't need to miss out on the best features either. provides everything you need for your business.

Delight your customers with the best conference experience they've ever head. Sign Up for our free premium services and get going immediately.


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