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How to Set Up a Conference Call on

How to Set Up a Conference Call on

Let's face it.

Holding traditional meetings can be costly. Plus, it's not a guarantee that all the attendees will be present. These are some of the reasons that are making a lot of businesses to consider conference calls.

The numbers say it all. About 87 percent of businesses and customers prefer using conference calls for instant communication. is one of the best tools you can use for high-quality audio conferencing. Plus, it's free.

In this post, we're going to share with you how to set up a conference call with this tool.

Let's get cracking!

1. Scheduling Is Important

Planning and scheduling are the keys to any successful conference call. First, create a list of all attendees. Then determine the ideal date and time for the meeting. You should identify a time that's convenient for all attendees.

Send the invitations to the conference at least two weeks earlier. Remember to send reminders several times as the date approaches. Also, don't forget to send the attendees their PINs. Early invitations are reminders help to avoid lateness.

In the invitations, be sure to include the details of the conference call. This includes the possible duration of the call.

2. Organize the Call

Use a call checklist to ensure you have not left out anything important. The last thing you want is to shuffle through things to find something that you want during the call.

Ensure you have taken ample time to get familiar with the interface and features of Conference Town. Look at the administration features, such as:

  • Moderator pin - This pin allows the moderator or organizer to control the call
  • Conference ID - Participants must enter a conference ID to join the call
  • Presentation mode - This tool mutes everyone except those with a moderator PIN
  • Conference touch-tone quick reference
  • Q&A mode - This feature allows attendees to unmute themselves to allow an interactive session
  • Record mode - Use this to record your calls at anytime

Knowing how these features work will make conference call organization easy.

3. Test the System Setup

This is important, especially when you have attendees in different time zones or geographical locations. You want to ensure everything runs smoothly once you begin the call. Technical issues can expect to happen, but it's possible to limit them.

Check to ensure that all connections are correct. Test all the system features you intend to use to ensure they're working as they should. You should also test and monitor your internet speed. If possible, you can call your provider to ensure everything will be okay once you start the meeting.

You should also have a professional on standby during the meeting to make troubleshooting issues easy and fast.

3. Create an Agenda

Never start a conference call without an agenda. In fact, a meeting agenda is an essential component to master when learning how to set up a conference call.

The agenda informs all the participants about the purpose and subject of the call. It also gives the possible duration of the call. You should ensure you have highlighted all the items attendees must have during the call.

You don't want the participants to have incorrect or outdated information and material. Being specific about the relevant meeting material is important to avoid confusion. Remember to send the agenda along with the invitations.

4. Encourage Time Management

Early planning and scheduling don't offer a guarantee for punctuality during the meeting. Lateness certainly makes other attendees restless, especially when the key participants fail to make it on time.

There are cases where unpunctuality is due to unfamiliarity with the conference software you're using. In this case, always train or offer guidelines to members who have never been on a conference call before. You don't want them to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use the system.

Still, you need to record the meeting to ensure that all latecomers are up-to-date on the proceedings of the call.

6. Identify the Right Location

It's usually uncomfortable and unsettling when you have background noises during the call. This puts off other attendees. Plus, they'll certainly not get what you're trying to say.

So, be sure to pick a location that's distraction-free. You can lock yourself in your office or the boardroom to avoid distractions from colleagues. If you're at home, make sure your kids and pets are not around during the call.

If you're stuck in traffic, send an email or SMS to inform other attendees about your situation. You shouldn't dial in to do that as it's highly likely that they won't hear you. Also, identify a location with stable and reliable connection signal.

7. During the Conference Call

Remember, you have a limited time for the call. How to set up a conference call doesn't just involve the pre-conference and technical aspects. The call itself also matters.

First, remember to mute all participants during the presentation mode. Also, don't misuse or ignore the mute feature. You can accidentally mute yourself, and this means other attendees won't hear you.

If you're addressing someone, be sure to use their names to allow them to respond quickly. During the Q&A session, save time by limiting the number of questions all attendees can ask. Or, you can use a chat system to respond to other questions.

Avoid putting your call on hold to do something else. This will play the hold music, and other attendees are likely to be uncomfortable. Also, encourage participants to speak one at a time to make picking up the conversation better.

How to Set Up a Conference Call

Businesses that use conference calls to conduct meetings save significantly on their office operation costs.

If you want to use Conference Town to set up your conference call, this guide can help you to ensure everything is done correctly. Be sure to learn how it works and use our resources to help you make the most of the system.

Do you have a question on how to set up a conference call? Be sure to reach out to us at any time.


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