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What is Audio Conferencing? Is It Right For Your Business?

What is Audio Conferencing? Is It Right For Your Business?

Are you curious about audio conferencing and what it can do for your business?

No matter what business you operate, communication is essential. It's critical for you to connect with employees, clients, and colleagues in an effective and rapid manner.

Audio conferencing is a communications tool that can benefit all business operations in your industry.

If you're asking, "What is audio conferencing?" we've got answers in this post.

Read on to learn more about audio conferencing, its pros and cons, and whether it's right for your business.

What is Audio Conferencing? The Scoop

Audio conferencing lets you get a lot of different people on a phone call at a time.

Whether you're trying to connect multiple parties from different departments on one line or to have a conversation with clients from different states, audio conferencing is your solution.

Modern audio conferencing tools are easy to use. They don't involve the hassle of having to manually type in different numbers on an office phone or figure out how to conference call on an iPhone.

All audio conferencing software is different, and types of calls will depend upon the system you use.

At, for example, you can get on-demand and reliable conference calling--all you need is a conference ID to start a call sourced from a cloud connection. Premium accounts involve designating a moderator who manages the conference call and callers through the same cloud connection.

Other software may involve a conference bridge that can connect phone lines from a source phone. Most modern solutions are cloud-based and require a passcode or ID for participants to join through a wireless connection.

So what is audio conferencing in a nutshell? It's a communications tool that instantaneously connects multiple parties on one phone call. It's easy to set up, often involves a wireless connection, and enables moderators.

What is Audio Conferencing? Pros and Cons

There are both advantages and disadvantages to audio conferencing. It's important to keep both in mind as you're deciding whether or not audio conferencing is best for your business.

1. Pro: Save Money with a Communications Solution

Audio conferencing is one of the more cost-effective communication solutions you can bring into your office. Most software is either free (like or affordable, depending upon the company and plans you choose.

Other communications solutions, like video conferencing and messaging apps, can be a significant investment. If you're looking for an affordable means of connecting clients and employees quickly, audio conferencing is an ideal solution.

2. Pro: Connect Callers Easily

The beauty of audio conferencing is its ease of use. It is incredibly straightforward to set up a conference call, compared to the mechanics of dialing multiple numbers in on a cell or office phone.

It's also very easy for callers to join a call. In most cases they just have to type in an ID into a portal and join a call from any mobile device.

Making communication easier will keep your clients happy and enable efficiency in your workplace.

3. Pro: Avoid Technological Mishaps

Another advantage of using audio conferencing is the fact that it is virtually error free. You'll be able to connect parties instantly, without technological hiccups. Most audio conferencing tools can integrate easily into company-wide technology.

Once parties are connected, they'll experience crisp audio without any lags. This is particularly the case if you invest in a cloud-based conferencing solution.

Clear and mishap-free communication is an asset. Avoid the usual tech problems you may have with video conferencing or even standard telephone calls by investing in audio conferencing for your office.

4. Con: Experience Only Verbal Communication

The largest disadvantage to using audio conferencing is the fact that it is an audio call. You'll only be able to hear your callers; you won't be able to see their faces.

For some people, seeing a caller's face is hugely important. This is especially the case if you're hosting a conference call with important leaders in your business. It's important to assess body language and focus by seeing your conversation partner's face and engagement.

In this case, video conferencing offers a better solution because it enables a visual.

5. Con: Background Noise Can Be An Issue

While audio conferencing can offer crisp and clear communication, this doesn't rule out background noise. Depending on where your callers are connecting from, they may bring a lot of distracting noise to the call.

As a result, the audio may not be as clear. You may have to ask for callers to repeat or mute themselves in order to keep the conversation going.

Is Audio Conferencing Right For You?

If you're asking, "What is audio conferencing?" you've probably got some idea of how it could work for your business. In general, audio conferencing is a good solution if you meet several of the characteristics below.

1. You Conference All the Time

If you find yourself engaging with multiple parties on a regular basis, it may be time to look at conferencing solutions. This is especially the case if you are a global company with remote clients or a national company with remote workers.

Audio conferencing is particularly ideal if you work domestically. It is possible to connect international callers with some software, but domestic connections will be easier.

2. You Want to Streamline Communications

If you're tired of scattered emails and clients who just won't follow up, audio conferencing is a solution.

You can easily set meeting times in advance for conference calls. Having multiple parties on the line at once can get questions answered quickly and immediately.

3. You Don't Need Video

If seeing your callers' faces isn't essential to you, or if your company simply won't support video conferencing, then consider audio conferencing.

In many cases, video conferencingdoes involve lag time and can even be unnecessary given the nature of a conversation. Audio conferencing can be a faster and more effective communication solution.

What is Audio Conferencing? Final Thoughts

So what is audio conferencing? It's a modern communication tool that lets you get multiple parties on one telephone call at a time. It's a cost-effective way to streamline group conversations and hold audio meetings.

In general, if you don't require video for your communication needs, are looking for an affordable communication tool, and want efficient communication office-wide, audio conferencing is your answer.

At, we're here to help you bring the future of communication into your office. Reach out to start a conversation today about audio conferencing for your business!


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