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Why user experience matters most in a free conference call

Why user experience matters most in a free conference call

User experience is one of the most important factors to consider whenever you are searching for a product or service that can help you, your team and your business succeed. This is certainly true for free conference call services, as well as every other tool you rely upon.

Think for a moment about the best products you use on a regular basis to help you get your work accomplished. This could be a phone, an app on that phone, or software on your computer - even the computer itself. Maybe it’s a notebook, planner or desk.

Each of those products that you enjoy has been developed and designed with you, the user, in mind. The people who designed and manufactured each of those products kept user experience front and center when making the product.

The same can be said for free conference call services. Users of these calling services want something simple that works as intended and has the features that they desire. Not only do the product owners need to have user experience (or UX) in mind, but so too do those who must select the best products for their businesses and teams.

So, here’s why the user experience matters when searching for a free conference calling tool - and some pointers on how to decide whether a service is right for you.

Good user experience understands what users need and want

At its core, user experience is all about understanding the needs, wants, values, abilities and limitations. Another way to look at user experience is to think of it as how the user feels when they are experiencing a product.

Obviously, a user is going to enjoy a product that creates positive feelings or thoughts either from using the product itself (maybe it’s fun or easy to use) or from the results of using the product (work accomplished quickly or better results). At the end of the day, good user experience results in “easy, efficient, relevant and all-around pleasant experiences for the user,” according to Career Foundry.

Sounds a lot like what those interested in finding an excellent free conference calling service might also want, doesn’t it? When considering what tool to use for a conference call, people want a service that is easy to learn, has good audio quality, does not have connection issues and simply helps people communicate better. If a service swings and misses in any of those areas, then it likely will not be very popular with users.

Now, let’s turn to how to find the best free conference call service with user experience in mind.

Users want a service that’s easy to use

Nobody wants to participate in a conference call that requires too many steps to join a simple phone call with their team. Users also don’t want a service that includes web interfaces that are hard to understand.

So, when researching the best products that are out there, make sure ease of use is one of your top priorities. For example, consider whether everyone on your team will have to register with the service before they can hop on the call. Preferably, your team can simply call in to a provided number, enter a code that is easy to remember and - boom - they are on the line with no registration required.

Determine whether a conference call service meets your needs

What does someone need out of a conference call service? That may sound like a question with an obvious answer - because it is. Any service needs to allow its users to communicate with each other effectively.

Some free services skimp on this core feature. When researching which free service is best for your team, look for solutions that offer digital lines that can enhance audio and offer HD call quality. Even better, try to select a service that offers echo cancellation, as well. Echo cancellation technology removes those annoying echos that can sometimes be heard over calls for a variety of reasons.

Ask your team what features they want

Some teams look for conferencing options that come bundled with a bunch of must-have features at no extra cost. That works for many people.

However, not everyone wants a list of extra features that they don’t really plan on using anyway. It could especially be a dealbreaker for the business if it has to pay for those features, some of which could be bundled with features that actually would be utilized. Remember, sometimes simplicity and efficiency is what matters most from a user experience standpoint.

It is important, though, to consider what types of features your team may in fact require before you select a conference call solution. Some popular features that the best free conference calling services provide include audio recording, HD quality, web interfaces, mobile compatibility, unlimited callers, no time restrictions and useful conversation controls for the call hosts.

Forget services that limit calls in any way

There may be nothing worse than needing to host a conference call and not being able to find a reliable free service that won’t A) limit the number of callers allowed, B) let you start the call whenever and C) let you and your team speak as long as needed.

If user experience is about creating a positive experience, then these limitations that some of the lesser options out there place on their users aren’t focused much at all on UX. That’s a business putting money first instead of focusing on its users needs and desires.

Try for a better free conference call

Now that you have the information needed to determine what type of service can offer your team a better conference call experience, it’s time to start looking.

Well, look no further. offers every feature and consideration we’ve mentioned above. We are confident that you will find is one of the best free conference call services out there thanks to our bevy of features and, obviously, our $0 price tag.

Sign up free or start an instant conference call today to give us a try.

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