Conferencing Tips

Keep you and your audience focused on what's most important, your message.

Increasing Conference Call Attendance

At times, it seems that conference calls take a low priority with the people you've invited. Here are some sure-fire ways to make them want to join you at your next conference call!

Make use of Guest Speakers

Invite a special guest or high-ranking member of your organization to the meeting. Ask your guest to say a few words or field a few questions as an opener before you get down to regular business. This strategy will provide a great jump-start to the discussion that follows. Make sure to tell all your invitees about this special opportunity to speak with your guest so they won't miss it!

Have a Little Fun

Tell a "Joke of the Day"; share something about life outside the office; try some trivia...Any of these things can change the flow of a meeting, which will help everyone pay attention! If your meetings are more enjoyable, you'll have less trouble with absenteeism!

Perform a Roll Call

People are less likely to skip out on you if they know it will be obvious to everyone else that they are absent. If a roll call is part of every conference call, your guest will know that they will be missed!


Remind your callers about the upcoming call to which they have already been invited.

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