Conferencing Tips

Keep you and your audience focused on what's most important, your message.

Organize YOUR Conference Call

To help you plan & organize your teleconferences, try these tools:

Conference Call Checklist: Use a list to make sure you haven't forgotten anything important, and to improve the way you manage your conference calls!

Meeting Agenda: Create a meeting agenda and keep it in front of you during your conference call to keep you on track! Or send it to your participants ahead of time so that they will be better prepared for your meeting!

Meeting Minutes: Keep track of the progress of your conference call agenda and new topics for future meetings.

Feedback Form: Have your participants fill out a feedback form after the conference call is completed, so that you can review their impressions of the meeting. This is also a handy way to field any questions that your participants might have been reluctant to ask while on the phone!

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