Conferencing Tips

Keep you and your audience focused on what's most important, your message.

Transcription Tips

Identify speakers.

For the most accurate transcription, speakers should identify themselves each time they speak (i.e., "This is Tom, and I think" or "This is Debbie, and I'd like to add..."). Since we may not have heard their voices before, it is extremely difficult to accurately identify each speaker otherwise. If this is impractical, speakers should introduce themselves at the beginning of the call and at least the first few times they are speaking. Those few sentences may help your transcriptionist accurately identify a voice. Whenever possible, provide a participant list.

Speak slowly, clearly and do not talk over another speaker.

With multiple participants, people often tend to talk at once, making the conversation extremely difficult to decipher. Try to speak one at a time so that we can pick up the conversation in its entirety and better identify the individuals.

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