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How to Have a Conference Call on Cell Phone

How to Have a Conference Call on Cell Phone

Conference calls are, historically, tricky business, even with a dedicated setup.

You have to make sure you have good reception at the time of the call, and that they've got equally good reception. Everybody's got to clear their schedules, and nobody's allowed to mumble or the whole thing can be a complete wash.

And all that's usually before you've even made sure everybody can even make the meeting in the first place.

But what if there was a better way? What if "conference call on cell phone" was less wishful thinking, and more like the most impressive phone service this side of, well, the phone?

Join us, today, as we show you how easy it can be to enjoy the benefits of a conference call via cell phone, with free services from

How to Host a Conference Call

You've signed up for the ConferenceTown service, and you're ready to start your first big conference call. Every business is different, but the chances are you're not exactly eager to spend an entire meeting fumbling around with a bad phone line.

You need a service that works. You've come to the right place.

ConferenceTown is a free conference call service, so you may be concerned about how many conference calls you can host in an average month. Or how many calls can you add on iPhone.

The answer is a pleasant: as many as you want. Conduct as many conference calls as you need each month, whenever you need to. Simply call up your ConferenceTown number, enter your pin, and get started!

How to Set up a Conference Call on Iphone, Step-By-Step

Group conversations can be nerve-wracking for all parties involved, by phone or otherwise. When you and your conference callers are ready to begin your session, the ConferenceTown system makes the whole process easy.

Firstly, callers connecting to your conference won't need any additional applications to be able to connect. ConferenceTown makes joining a conference call easy, with the entire process taking place online.

Conference participants join by calling a conference phone number and entering a unique conference ID. These callers gain access to basic sets of conference controls, from help menus to self-muting and volume control, to use during the call.

Once participants have called the number and entered their pins, they simply have to follow the voice prompts. At the same time, the moderator for the conference call will receive a secure pin, which they may use to make changes to the call at any time. Switch between conversation, Q&A and presentation modes, and announce participant numbers, easily.

The entire system is on-demand, reliable and secure. You can have two or more conference calls going on simultaneously by simply using different conference IDs. And, while there isn't a cap on the number of callers you can include in each call, for quality's sake we can safely recommend anything up to 5,000 people.

Beyond that, though, we have options for more robust conferences and are more than happy to discuss your options with you. Say goodbye to that old in-app iPhone conference call limit, and hello to the future.

Admin Features

When you're in the business of administrating conference calls, you need functionalism to retain order.

ConferenceTown brings the following high-end features to each phone call, ready for you and your users to use to make the call easier on everyone.

Record mode

One of the most important factors in any meeting, conference call or otherwise, is the minutes. Being able to go back and look at what was said during a conversation can save you and your business a lot of time and even more money.

With ConferenceTown, this is an inbuilt feature. In order to record your conference call, the moderator may select "record" from the web panel at any time. You can also easily stop the recording at any time.

Completed recordings are available for review and download for 90 days after the call. Record as many times as you need, and convert the files to MP3 (or just keep them in WAV format). Finally, moderators can choose to share the recording with people who missed the initial phone call.


An open channel of communication, Q&A opens up the conference call to all participants in order for them to ask questions or voice opinions.

Functionally the opposite of presentation mode, Q&A mode can be accessed by callers with confirmed participant PINs. During these conferences, organizers can toggle between modes via a moderators' panel.

Presentation Mode

Open to moderators only, Presentation Mode mutes all members of a conference call except for those with the appropriate pin. This enables conference callers to listen to the content of the call without loud conversations and background noise.

Presentation Mode is accessible to users with the moderator PIN already entered when the conference starts. Organizers and moderators control switches for presentation, conversation, and Q&A mode toggling.

Conference Quick Reference

ConferenceTown offers a handy touch-tone Pocket Guide for use during conference calls. This means that, without having to go online to the panel and select from a drop-down menu, moderators can control the call during a conference.

The following tones are there to help you during your next ConferenceTown conference:

* 1 Mute & Unmute Yourself

* 2 Lock & Unlock the Conference

* 3 Record the Conference

* 4 Turn Listen Volume Down

* 5 Mute Everyone but the Moderator

* 6 Turn Listen Volume Up

* 7 Turn Talk Volume Down

* 8 Exit Menu

* 9 Turn Talk Volume Up

* 0 Hear Conference Count

No matter who may call you conference call on iPhone, the power's all in your hands.

How to Have a Conference Call on Cell Phone

If the words "conference call on cell phone" or "group call iPhone" still hold the same old dread they always have for you, there's one thing we should mention. ConferenceTown is a free conferencing service. And with glowing reviews and extensive industry experience, we bring you only the best in cell phone conferencing

Interested in learning more about our service? Maybe you're more eager to read about some of the unwritten rules of conferencing in general? Whatever you need, we've got it, at! Get in touch with us, today, and make that call!


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