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How to Improve Audio Quality During a Live Conference Call

How to Improve Audio Quality During a Live Conference Call

If you're using live conferencing technology for your business, you have undoubtedly experienced poor call quality. From dropped calls, because other callers can't hear you or they're frustrated with muffled sound, to poor audio, the frustration mounts quickly.

But how can you alleviate annoying noises and create the best audio for your business meetings and other events?

There are a few things you can watch out for when performing a live conference call and we're here to discuss all of them. Keep reading to learn more.

Don't Forget the Mute Button

You don't have to be afraid to use the muting function in your conference calls.

This will help to eliminate background noise. You should be able to mute your own line when you need to, particularly when you're not speaking or during moments when noise becomes an issue for your call. Just don't forget to unmute when you're ready to start speaking again.

Adjust the Volume

Every phone is different and has different settings depending on the type of call you're on. All you have to do is adjust the volume. But it's important to know how to do this.

Some phones may have the ability to adjust the microphone volume as well so that you can rest assured that the caller on the other end can hear you. You should always test your microphone and speakers before the live call is to occur.

Use a Landline and Headset

One of the best things you can do with a live conference call is to use a landline with a headset in lieu of a cell phone. Even while cell phones are reliable, a landline still provides a better call quality.

Using a headset will help you hear better and make your speech sound more clear on the other end. You can invest in a good noise canceling headset, especially if you'll be in a vehicle or some other place taking the call. A hardwire headset is also better than Bluetooth.

Analog is Best

Analog means the difference between traditional phone lines and VoIP, which is internet audio. If you have the choice, you should opt for the traditional phone line option. You can even host a web conference by integrating audio by your phone into the web conference so you can have the clearest audio for your online event.

VoIP technology is good but it creates less reliability because it's subject to internet connectivity. This means that a slow or busy network can cause problems with your call. Stick to analog to avoid these serious issues that can interrupt your live conference call.

Take Control of Your Environment

There's a lot you can do to prevent background noise and echoing on a live conference call if you take control of your environment. Drapes or curtains, carpet or rugs, and even indoor plants can help soften background sounds, especially if you're hosting a call.

Other things to consider include keeping people from dialing in from separate phones to the same call in the same room. If they do, make sure they're using headsets to minimize and hopefully prevent screeching feedback.

Don't Move Your Hands

One of the worst background noises that a caller can hear is that of noises inadvertently made with your own hands. Be aware of your movements during a call such as touching the microphone or typing. Scratching and rustling clothing is another noise that is commonly heard on the other end of a call.

Try to keep yourself still in general. You can mute your line if you're going to be shuffling through papers or if you need to clear your throat before speaking.

Position the Microphone

In addition to being aware of your movements, don't forget where the microphone is. Oftentimes, people don't even realize that they've moved away from the microphone and they're talking into the air, or into their lap, and the caller on the other end can't even hear them.

Don't play with the microphone and remember to mute the line if you need to adjust at any time during your call.

No More Echo

Echoing can occur for various reasons that are difficult to determine.

One thing to try to prevent the echo is to keep the microphone as far away from the speaker system as possible. Keeping the phone on mute when you're on speakerphone will also help stop the echo if you're experiencing problems.

Try Again

If all else fails, you might just have to end the call and start fresh. This is a frustrating way of getting around things, but sometimes it's the only thing that works.

If you keep experiencing problems, you can consult your operator or a customer service representative to help resolve issues so you can start again.

Quality Providers

The most important thing you can do to improve your live conference call quality is to use a quality provider. You can perform all of the preventative measures discussed here, but if you don't have a good provider, it will all be for naught.

You should look for high-reliability ratings and percentages from your provider. Also, ask for guaranteed or dedicated lines and 24/7 on-demand access. Some providers may disclose the vendors they use and if so you should review the specifications of that company's services as well.

Check out testimonials and reviews if you can. This will give you a better sense of the company you're dealing with and how others perceive the quality of their services.

Your Live Conference Call

A quality live conference call is imperative to the success of your company. You don't want to be in the middle of a call with an important client when the line breaks up or other distractions cause interruptions. Keep these tips in mind the next time you make a live conference call.

One of the best things you can do to ensure quality calls is to keep the room quiet and allow the main speaker to do the talking.

Any sound can be carried through the phone disrupting the caller on the other end. It's a good idea to prepare everyone that will be involved in the call in advance not to tap pens or fingers and to be as quiet as possible overall.

If you're looking for a quality provider for your live conference calls, contact us. We offer free premium conference calling!


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