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What every good conference room needs for better calls

What every good conference room needs for better calls

A lot of factors can make or break a conference call, but one of the most important is room setup.

Establishing a good setup is easier said than done, though. There is simply a lot to consider. The list includes audio equipment, room acoustics and the conference call service itself. Then there is the fact that some of the people on the call, if not most, are calling in from completely different locations, hence the reason for the call in the first place.

However, each of these potential room setup issues has a variety of solutions. Put in a little bit of effort and you will soon have a room that makes hosting conference calls a breeze. Even more importantly: everyone who hops on the call will actually enjoy the better audio quality, creating an overall better experience for all involved.

So, let’s dive into how you can have the best room setup possible for your next conference call.

Pick the right room for conference calls

The first step in finding a great location for a conference call is identifying a room that is suitable for conversations. You will want enough space for everyone on location to fit inside the room, of course, but you don’t want a room that’s too large, which could cause echos and other audio problems.

A good conference room also has soft objects installed to help absorb sound, removing echoing or bouncing noises, such as acoustic wall paneling. Another tip is to avoid large, glass windows, which sounds can bounce off easily. Long blinds or curtains that can be drawn over windows can help with this.

You could also place a couple of plotted plants or other soft furnishings around bare rooms to help absorb noise, believe it or not.

Have the right equipment on hand

All you need for the perfect conference room setup is a phone and some quiet space, right? Not quite - unless it’s just you calling in and there aren’t any visual aids or other participation tools that could require a screen.

Here is a quick overview of all the equipment you will want to have at the ready for a great call experience.

Audio solutions

One of the first rules of outfitting any conference room is supplying enough audio equipment for everyone to hear and be heard. What type of equipment this requires depends on how many people join the conference call via the same room and how many others are calling in to join.

Telephones, even those outfitted with quality speakers, only get large groups so far. Even medium-sized groups can have trouble hearing what’s being said on the line. They’ll have an even more difficult time getting their voice heard when they are speaking, too.

Providing everyone in a single room with a telephone handset or headset doesn’t make sense, so consider having the room equipped with enough microphones or conferencing phones spaced evenly throughout the room to pick up and deliver conversation. This will also help those on other ends of the line to better hear everyone in the room.

For conference rooms that use telephones, it is important to check that the ability to connect to multiple phone lines at once is available.

Speakers are also a good idea if you don’t want to annoy people with how much they have to strain to hear what is being said. It’s important to place the speakers throughout the room or in ways that the sound they emit can be easily heard by everyone.

Video solutions

If you plan on presenting any sort of data via graphs or other imagery that is related to your conference call, then you will want to make sure the conference room is equipped with a monitor or television screen that is large enough for everyone in the room to see.

Verify that everyone calling into the conference from other locations also has access to a screen, though their needs will likely differ based on how many people are joining from shared locations.

Choose the right conference call provider

There are so many conference call service providers available to consumers that listing and ranking them all would take far too long. However, there are a few ways to whittle down the list rather quickly.

First of all, you don’t have to pay a penny to get a conference call service worth using. Anymore, free conference call services can compete with the paid providers any day, especially when cost savings are taken into account.

And don’t for a moment believe that when you pick a free service that you are for some reason settling for a lesser-quality service. It is pretty simple to find a free conference call service that has a ton of features at no cost.

Just be sure to confirm that the service you choose has features that boost phone call audio quality. That should include HD conference quality and echo cancellation.

Other features to consider

Once you have found a service that offers better audio quality, you can narrow down the list even more by selecting a service that has many of the features other providers will make you pay for. That would include caller limits, time restrictions, number of conference call limits, call recording and more.

From there, you should try to identify any additional features that would make conference calls much easier and perhaps even enjoyable for your team. You want to make sure your team does not dread conference calls. Features that accomplish that would include any that prevent unwanted interruptions and help calls move right through their agendas.

Conference Town has those features - and more

At Conference Town, we are proud to offer all the features users want in a conference call service - at none of the cost. We have proven to our growing list of happy users, which are both businesses and individuals, that we provide a truly enjoyable, easy-to-use free conference calling service.

Plus, we make signing up for a conference call as effortless as possible. You can even start an instant conference from anywhere at any time.

How does it work? Again, it’s simple. Just click “Start Instant Conference” and we’ll provide you with all the details you need to get started with an awesome conference call experience right away - and absolutely free.


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