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Why the Business Conference Call Is Essential for Streamlining Your Company

Why the Business Conference Call Is Essential for Streamlining Your Company

20% of small businesses fail within their first year. Another 30% fails within their second year.

Usually, people talk about lack of funds when it comes to their business failing, but communication has a lot to do with success, too. Poor communication means a lack of focus, a drop in employee morale, and a loss in credibility with your customers.

The business conference call is a great way to re-establish communication between your employees and your customers. You can also save time and money.

Keep reading to learn more about why using business conference call services can help you grow and manage your business better.

What a Business Conference Call Is

What is a conference call? It's really just a phone call with three or more people.

A conference call allows people to "meet" up at a prearranged time on the telephone to speak about pressing business matters which requires the input from several individuals.

How a Conference Call Works

A conference call works by giving out a specific number is given out to all members of the phone call ahead of time. They then call the number and begin speaking.

Using a conference calls company provides you with a secure conference call service and other features such as the ability to record the phone conversation. It helps you do better business more quickly and easily.

And there are other benefits, too.

You'll Save Time and Money

Business conference call services help you save a ton of time and money. Partly because no one has to do any traveling. Instead, no matter where in the world your customers or employees are, you can reach them.

Now you don't have to worry about paying for plane tickets, hotel rooms or even gas and mileage. No one is losing precious unproductive time by having to travel, either.

But even if everyone is located in the same building, it still takes time for everyone to travel to the office where the meeting is held. Between the disruption from their work and waiting for the elevator, around 2 person-hours are lost between 15 employees.

Instead, when your employees can just pick up their phones and stay at their desk while sharing vital information without ever traveling anywhere.

And conference calling companies all offer competitive rates. If you have offices across the country or internationally, you'll end up saving a ton of money by using a conference call service rather than paying for long distance and/or international calls.

Conference Calls are Secure

Data breaches don't just happen through the internet. They can happen anywhere at any time.

Conference calls companies provide you secure conference call service so you don't have to worry about anyone stealing your confidential information. Now you no longer have to worry about a hotel worker pretending to fill your water glass while he or she steals your information.

With encrypted security, you know your crucial information will only be heard by the right people.

It's a Powerful Communication Tool

It wouldn't matter how much time or money you saved if a business conference call wasn't such a great and powerful communication tool.

But they are because it's so easy to get all the right people in one "room" together. It's so much easier to work with everyone's schedule for a phone call than it is for an in-person meeting.

The audio quality conference calling companies offers is usually fantastic. While free services such as Skype don't always offer the best quality, the paid services are so great you can hear subtle communication clues.

Also, it's not always enough to simply speak to one another. Often, you need to use visuals to get your message across. With a conference calling company, you can use Screen Sharing so everyone can see your presentation on their own monitor.

But most conference calling companies have gone one step further to offer you video conferencing. That way, you lose nothing by not traveling.

It's Versatile

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you simply can't get everyone together at the same time. When you use a conference calling company, sometimes, that's okay.

With their recording feature, anyone who couldn't make the meeting at a specific time can go back at their convenience to listen to the conference call. And even if everyone was there, it's always great to have a recording in case vital information was missed or you can use it to improve your presentation skills.

You Can Personalize With Added Features

It's also versatile because you can upgrade to any feature you need. And you don't even need to deal with handling special equipment or downloading a program to get these extra features.

Certain features like basic conference calls and even video conference calls are free. You also have the option to give out a toll-free number.

You don't even need to use a landline to be on a conference call. You can use your cell phone making it even easier to get on a conference call no matter where you happen to be.

You can also have your meetings transcribed into Word documents or go back later to use the audio and video clips for your Instagram posts, final reports or newsletters.

The versatility and flexibility will enable you to give great professional presentations to your employees and customers each and every time.

Great to Use For Job Interviews

Technology allows us to outsource work to other companies or freelancers. You can also now hire employees who may never set foot inside your office.

But you still need to interview these people to ensure they're the right fit for the job. Using a conference call service allows you to grow your business without wasting as much time.

You can now interview potential employees and companies without anyone needing to travel. You can even review their resume while you chat.

Sign Up For Free

Hosting a business conference call is easier and more convenient than ever before. Don't waste more time trying to get everyone together.

Instead, sign up for our business conference calling services. You can sign up here for free.


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