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Record and playback your conference at anytime using our free call recording.

There are many occurrences when it may be important to record your conference call. Whether it be for sales or training, this gives you the ability for others hear your conference at a later time. As the moderator of the conference, you have the ability to enable call recordings by pressing *3 from the pocket guide.

You can record and stop recording as needed. Once the recording is complete, it will remain available until you for 90 days. It recommend that if you wish to keep your recordings longer than 90 days, that you download the recording and save it to your hard drive. You can record an unlimited number of times. Your have the option of converting your recording to MP3 format or just saving as a .WAV file. Those that missed the conference call also have the option of accessing the conference call from a telephone, as long as the moderator has selected the sharing feature from the moderator panel. The Recording Playback dial-in number to hear previously recorded conference calls is 712-432-9901.

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