Presentation Mode

Don't let the main speaker get interrupted. Auto mute all callers except for the presenter.

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During a presentation or training, use our presentation mode to keep your conference under control.

Are you hosting a presentation? If so, then our presentation mode is just what you are looking for. This mode automatically mutes every member of the conference, except those who have entered the moderator PIN, enabling conference participants to listen without being able to speak to others on the conference. This mode works best with large groups of participants for reducing background noise, and is accessible to those who use the moderator PIN when entering a conference.

Enter Presentation Mode by using *5 from the pocket guide. After you have selected *5, you will hear the following options:

  • Press 1 - All callers muted and may not unmute themselves
  • Press 2 - All callers are muted and may unmute themselves
  • Press 3 - All callers are unmuted

Are you wanting the ability for participants to unmute themselves? Make sure to checkout our Question & Answer Mode.

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